Our mission

To create affordable, collaborative and conducive enviroments for young jewish professionals. We believe that your surroundings have a large impact in the way we go about our day. At Qworks, surround yourself with a quiet, calm and collaborative space for young professionals to get work done.

Meet our CEO

Yosef Y Smetana

Qworks was founded in 2017 by Yosef Y. Smetana. Smetana realized there was a need for local, affordable offices and began to build them out and rent them. As our world has completely turned over during Covid, offices are not what they used to be. Business moves, people work from everywhere and needs shift fluidly. With this new demand, Yosef Launched Qworks Business. This all Access membership gives young entrepreneurs the freedom and flexibility to travel anywhere in NYC with THEIR office only a few minutes away. Try Qworks Business and get true business freedom today!